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External monitor in Acer® Veriton

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Connecting an External Monitor in Acer Veriton

Veriton is a desktop series from Acer. It is an office computer and can be used to handle everyday applications. It is a slim desktop. The performance of Acer Veriton series is suited for business applications. Business users can get better productivity if multiple monitors are connected. With two monitors users will be able to handle Word applications in one screen and business presentations on the other. In order to use multiple monitors,users need to plug in both monitor cords to the PC. It is important to remember that these cords should only be connected when the computer is switched off.

Mentioned below are tips that need to be kept in mind while connecting an external monitor to Acer Veriton:
  • Shut Down PC before Connecting Monitors
  • System Compatibility
  • Activate both Screens

Shut Down PC before Connecting Monitors

Users should shut down computer before installing the external monitor. Shutting down the PC temporarily while connecting the monitor will help in eliminating any hardware conflicts that might arise while detecting the external monitor. DVI cables can also be used to connect the monitor. After connecting the new monitor it is safe to switch on the computer.

System Compatibility

While connecting a new monitor, you might experience hardware incompatibility issues. The display then will be distorted and unstable, due to incompatibility of the display driver and the OS installed. In order to avoid these issues you will have to make sure that appropriate drivers are installed in the computer.

Activate both Screens

To use both monitors, go to ‘Appearance and Themes’ in the control panel to configure the two displays. At first the two displays will display desktop simultaneously, however you can adjust the display settings from the ‘Display’ tab. If there is any flickering or glitches on the screen, then users might be required to reinstall video drivers.

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