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LAN Drivers in Acer® TravelMate Laptop

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What are the needs, requirements, and roles of LAN drivers in Acer TravelMate series of laptop?

Acer TravelMate is a series of laptop used for providing high-ended business applications. Certain series are powered with Intel Core Duo T2500 processor. It supports many networking devices like wireless network interface card for accessing Internet on your Acer laptop. You could use touchpad instead of mouse. Almost all Acer series come with 250 MB of memory capacity. It is available (by default) with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition as its default Operating system. LAN card is a piece of hardware, which is used for accessing Internet in your Acer laptop. You can use many devices like LAN card, Network interface card etc for accessing Internet. You cannot access Internet in your laptop by using LAN card if your system contains incompatible driver software.

Following are the some of the needs, requirements, and roles of LAN drivers in Acer TravelMate Laptop:
  • Need of LAN driver
  • Requirement of LAN driver
  • Role of LAN driver

Need of LAN driver

For identifying network-connecting devices like Network Interface Card, LAN card etc that can connect to your Acer laptop you need to have corresponding driver for the devices. If you have LAN card for accessing Internet connection, connect the LAN card to your laptop and install LAN driver in order to identify the LAN card. Otherwise you might face error message indicating an unknown device. This would not allow access to the Internet on the Acer laptop.

Requirement of LAN driver

LAN drivers are required for identifying the LAN card which is connected to your Acer laptop. For accessing Internet, you must not only have the LAN card but also the driver for that LAN card. You must install latest version software. ‘Driver Update’ option would help to add new features to the currently installed driver software. This would help to establish better network connectivity. You need to make sure that there is enough memory for installing the driver.

Role of LAN driver

Device driver software is the interface between the device and the system. LAN driver provides instructions for both LAN card and your laptop about how the Internet is to be accessed. LAN drivers provide help to convert the data sent from one computer to the network; as well as the data coming from the network. Thus, you can easily receive and send messages across the Internet.

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