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Install Windows® XP in Acer® TravelMate

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How to install Windows XP in Acer TravelMate?

The Acer TravelMate computers are machines that offer excellent performance and mobility to its user. It is having the ability to perform data processing at high speeds, its multi-tasking capabilities will enable the user to perform a number or tasks or processes at the same time thus saving the precious time of the user. The Acer TravelMate also provides excellent battery back up which enables its users to perform tasks on the go. The Windows XP is a user friendly operating system which will need very less resources to perform the desired operation. Windows XP will be a perfect combination of speed and performance when installed in the Acer TravelMate. Windows XP can be installed on the Acer TravelMate by using an original installation disk which has the set-up for installing it on a computer. The users of Acer TravelMate computers should perform a complete format of the hard disk using a compatible file system to ensure a thorough deletion of all the files of the previous operating system.

The following points given below will help the users of Acer TravelMate to perform a safe installation of Windows XP in your system:
  • Power supply
  • Data backup
  • Installation disk
  • System drivers

Power supply

The users of Acer TravelMate Laptops should make sure that the computer is getting proper and uninterrupted power from a reliable source or is having proper power back up system which will not fail during the period of installation of the operating system. A major interruption like that of a power failure will seriously affect the installation and might also corrupt the data saved in the system.

Data back up

All the important data in the system including the installation files of important programs should be made on a removable storage media to ensure the safety of data as a complete formatting of the hard disk should be performed to make sure that all the files of the previous operating system is completely wiped out without any trace. The users of Acer TravelMate laptops should format the hard disk using a file system which is fully compatible with Windows XP to avoid incompatibility issues.

Installation disk

The installation disk having the operating system to be installed should be thoroughly checked by the users of the Acer TravelMate to ensure that the copy of the Windows XP in the disk is genuine and is purchased from recommended source. Installing a pirated copy of Windows could lead to further complications as the manufacturers will not provide support in case of a system crash and might also contain viruses or malware which might get installed during or after the installation of Windows XP and will completely damage the data in your computer.

System drivers

The users of Acer TravelMate laptops should make sure that all the essential drivers for the system devices are available. If not these drivers are to be downloaded from the official support website of the manufacturer to ensure the proper installation of all the hardware devices after the installation of Windows XP.

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