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Bluetooth® in Acer® TravelMate

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How to use the Bluetooth in the Acer TravelMate system?

TravelMate is one of the one of the notebook series manufactured by Acer. This is designed to meet the business and personal needs. You could install any version of the Windows Operating System from Windows 2000 onwards. Intel Core processor is integrated in this system and this offers more power to the system. The high-power NVIDIA graphics card in this system offers more graphics capacity to the system. You could improve the memory of the Acer TravelMate system up to 4GB and the maximum hard drive capacity of the system is 640GB. DDR3 technology is used in this system. This system contains two in-built speakers and thus, you could access more power from this system. The user could work with this system for long time by the long time battery capacity offered in this system. Multi-gesture touchpad supporting two-finger scroll, pinch, rotate, flip, Media control keys are some of the other specifications of the system. With the Optional Acer Bio-Protection fingerprint reader, the system offers high security to the system and thus, the system could prevent any of the unauthorized access of the system. Thus, all the data in the system will be secured through this protection.

The following points describe how to turn on and turn off Bluetooth in Acer TravelMate and the tips to be remembered while doing so:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth
  • Security
  • Turn off the Bluetooth

turn on the Bluetooth

As the Acer TravelMate integrates Bluetooth on it the need of an external hardware could be eliminated. The Bluetooth could be connected via software or Windows operating system. In order to run the Bluetooth devices, a lot of software programs are available online. And if you find any difficulty in turning on the Bluetooth, just download the software which are available online.


Once the Bluetooth has been turned on, it turns on a network security and prevents the interfering of a third person. This could be ensured by providing a password to the Bluetooth network. Thus, Bluetooth environment is protected from the hackers.

Turn off the Bluetooth

Once the transmission of the necessary data has been completed, the Bluetooth must be turned off. Thus, the interfering of the hackers and stealing the information could be avoided. The same software used to turn on the Bluetooth device can be used to turn it off.

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