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Won’t start in Acer® Aspire

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About Problems Related To Start Up In Acer® Aspire®

Acer® Aspire® is a very popular and a good solution for the casual home user and the small business owner as the laptop of choice. It has all the features, system performance specs, and multimedia capabilities to make it an ideal choice for many. In this article, we will be discussing about the various types of errors that can come up while you try to startup your Acer Aspire Laptop, with the help of following steps:

  • Error Message At Start Up
  • Improper Program Deletion
  • Computer Stops Responding
  • Hardware Problems

Error Message At Start Up

There are chances that you might receive an error message that will pop up every now and then prompting you about the activity whenever you try to start it up. If you receive an error message when you start your Acer® Aspire®, follow the steps described below. The error might be because of any file or service listed on the system configuration utility which are listed on one of the tabs in the System Configuration Utility. If the file or service pertaining to the error is listed, turn it off. You may need professional technical assistance for achieving this.

Improper Program Deletion

Another reason for the Acer® Aspire® not starting might be that the user had recently deleted a program manually from the Windows® on Acer® Aspire® and that program has left its traces on the laptop’s hard drive. These specs conflicts with other programs, causing the laptop to freeze when started up. You have to reinstall the program or its related component and again delete it from the ‘Add and remove programs’ menu in the ‘Control Panel’ or get a technical advice.

Computer Stops Responding

Another case in Acer® Aspire® is when the laptop stops responding when it is made to start up. The reason may be related to system incompatibility with either the software installed or the hardware in compatibility with the operating system. To navigate out of this situation you can try to restart the laptop in the safe mode and check for any services and/or devices that are preventing the Acer® Aspire® from starting up properly. Also, at certain times RAM dislocation is known to cause problems with the startup process.

Hardware Problems

Sometimes, hardware problems may stop the laptop from starting up. These could be simple issues such as a physical dislocation of the RAM or the graphics adapter to complex problems like motherboard damage due to excessive heating. We would strongly advise that you do not try to resolve these issues on your own as a lack of knowledge may result in permanent damage and making the warranty null and void. It would be advisable to get qualified technical support to resolve the issue.

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