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Reset Password in Acer® Aspire

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Why do you need to reset your password in your Acer® Aspire®? How to do it?

One of the most common reasons to reset a password is that you have forgotten your Windows® password or your password has expired. You need to reset your Windows® password before you can log on to your Acer Aspire and start working again. This article contains two methods that you can try to reset your password so that you can log on to your Acer® Aspire® once more. The following steps work if and only if you either: created a password-reset disk in the past for your Acer® Aspire®, or if you can still log on as an administrator.

  • Password reset by admin
  • Using ERD
  • Parallel operating system

Password reset by admin

The simplest and most direct method of gaining access to your Acer® Aspire® is by logging in with the administrative account and perform a password reset in the concerned account. However, this will not work if there is no additional admin account on your Acer® Aspire® or your account itself was the admin account.

Using ERD

Simply place your Windows® XP CD in the optical drive and reboot the computer. Initiate the setup when prompted to and then select the repair option provided by the setup. You will need to select your XP installation and press ‘R’ to begin the Repair process. You should look out for the step where device installation is in progress and then press ‘SHIFT + F10’ to access a command console that provides admin level access across your computer. Simply punch in the commands to access the graphical panel to your User Accounts. Simply pick the desired account and remove/reset the password. Let the repair process continue after this step and once the Repair is done, you will be able to log on with your new password. The method however is complex to execute and should not be performed without the assistance of professional technical support services.

Parallel operating system

Another popular method is to install an operating system parallel to your current operating system. This is done on a different partition of the hard disk. We would recommend using Ubuntu® and then use a simple and convenient hack to reset the windows password to blank. You should remove the parallel operating system once the password is reset. Keeping the other OS would cause a performance hot by reducing the amount of hard disk space available. Please be careful while removing the other operating system, as it is very easy to go wrong and mess up the boot loaders and other configuration files. This is an extremely complicated task and should be outsourced to a professional technical support team.

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