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Recovery disk on Acer® Aspire

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Get to know about how to create file and system recovery disks on Acer Aspire®

The Acer Aspire can have certaim problems that may prevent you from working well with it. You need to always assure that your system is protected at all times. There are so many components and systems to look into, but there are two main aspects that you should take care of. These are the files and the system itself. You would need the important files and folders to be easily recoverable and transferable nand also have backup for all the data stored on your system. Recovery disks are of great help when there is a system crash, and malware, virus infections.

In this article we will deal with how to make recovery disks and points to keep in mind:
  • Creating the file recovery disk
  • Creating the system recovery disks
  • Points to keep in mind

Creating the file recovery disk

For creating the file recovery disk click ‘Start’, and then choose ‘Programs’. Look for ‘Acer Empowering Technology’ and then from there, find the ‘Acer eRecovery Management’ from the pop-up menu that will appear. You can now choose the kind of file recovery disk you want. The first one means you are only copying drivers and some files. It is good to opt for full recovery as it will be the complete backup image of the Acer Aspire®. Set the name and the data of the disk and then proceed. The backup could last for about 2-3 hours to finish depending on the amount of files on your Acer Aspire®. Get a CD and then burn the backup image. Label the disk accordingly and secure it in a safe location.

Creating the system recovery disks

For the system recovery disk, you go to the ‘Start’ button and then select ‘Accessories’. Click on the ‘System tools’ icon and then on the ‘Automated Recovery Wizard’. Before hitting on ‘Next’, insert a CD on your Acer Aspire® and then proceed. You might need several disks to fully create the factory settings of your laptop.

Points to keep in mind

Before making any recovery disk file, you might want to clean up the system. Remove all possible junk so that you will not be including unnecessary files in your backup. Check for viruses as these too will be get copied while you are making copies of the documents you want to save. Scan the registry and check for errors. Clean out and fix any problems before making the disk so that your backup will be clean and reliable. Always make an update. Do the update of your backup at least every 2-4 months.

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