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Acer® Aspire Overheating

Acer Aspire Overheating
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Tips to fix and prevent Acer® Aspire® Overheating Issues

Acer Aspire Laptopsmakes you feel that you are getting more than your money’s worth. Overheating is a common issue present in all the PCs. Overclocking the CPU is a factor that causes overheating. It makes the CPU run faster than the usual normal rate. Sometimes the systems heat sink might not be adequate to cool the CPU. Making unnecessary changes in auto settings of NVIDIA® control panel can also result in overheating i.e. the CPU fan will not adjust to the CPU temperature. The environment which you use your system also decides the overheating factor. It is recommended to use your system in an air-conditioned room so that it reduces the load and fan speed and makes it easy for the system to cool down.

Following tips to prevent these overheating issues :
  • Watch the environment
  • Clean the Interior parts of your system
  • Avoid intense applications and multitasking
  • Install case fans

Watch the environment

There are sensors that will monitor PCs humidity level and temperature. So keep it in a good environment that will provide a comfortable room temperature. It is more important to monitor the atmospheric circumstances that can affect its performance.

Clean the Interior parts of your system

Dust is the number one cause for overheating. It can easily raise the temperature of your CPU and can result in damage. In order to avoid it, users should take their Acer® Aspire® system to a computer service center to have it professionally cleaned out. Compressed air to blow out the fans, heat sinks and inlets will keep your Acer® Aspire® clean.

Avoid intense applications and multitasking

Computers will get heated quickly if you run graphically intensive applications that require a lot of power. Frequent use of high intensive programs like gaming applications which need to run the game from storage locations also cause overheating of the PC. Therefore, it is always better to reduce these multitasking activities in your Acer® Aspire® PC.

Install case fans

Auto settings in NVIDIA® control panel are those which control the temperature of the system. It will check the fans revolution per minute and temperature. Actually it is always better to keep your system in an air-conditioned room which won’t result in overheating. By installing the case fans, it will divert heat out of your computer and increase the air-flow.

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