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Bluetooth® in Acer® Aspire

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How to manage your your Bluetooth® connections?

Acer Aspire is a series of personal computers aimed at the casual home user and the small business professional. The importance of Bluetooth® connectivity increases when you do not have access to small ports and optical drives. In this article we will be discussing how to turn on and turn off Bluetooth® on Acer® Aspire® through the following heads.

  • Installing Drivers
  • Device Installation
  • Usage

Installing Drivers

The very first logical step is to install Bluetooth® drivers onto your Acer® Aspire® to enable the Bluetooth® hardware that resides in it. Simply log on to the Acer® website and search for the most recent version of the Bluetooth® driver and then download the driver from the search list. After the download is complete double click the icon on your Acer® Aspire® and the program will run automatically and install the Bluetooth® driver. Finally, reboot your system so that the changes you made will take its effect successfully. Please bear in mind that the Bluetooth® hardware might work even in the absence of a Bluetooth® driver because of the presence of a default driver in the operating system of the Acer® Aspire® laptop (Microsoft® Windows® XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) includes drivers for many Bluetooth® devices). But these Bluetooth® drivers are not tailor made for the specific Bluetooth® hardware on your Acer® Aspire®. Hence, you should download separate Bluetooth® driver from the Acer® official website.

Device Installation

To install a Bluetooth® device, all you have to do is only have to connect it to the Bluetooth® hardware. To add, install and configure a Bluetooth® device onto your Acer® Aspire®, you must use the ‘Add Bluetooth Device’ wizard. And then you use the ‘Bluetooth Devices’ options in the ‘Control Panel’ to configure a Bluetooth® connection. Sometimes you may need to create or join a network between Bluetooth® devices by using Personal Area Networking (PAN) e.g. with Blackberry® mobile devices. It enables you to use TCP/IP networking for communication between your Acer® Aspire® and the Bluetooth® enabled device and can use it as a modem. You may transfer files wirelessly over Bluetooth® or add and then use a Bluetooth® printer wirelessly.


After the above-mentioned steps are completed, turning on and turning off the Bluetooth® hardware can be done directly via the software interface provided by Windows®. Simply right click on the Bluetooth® icon in the task bar and select the relevant option. If you face any problems, please contact technical support to troubleshoot your Bluetooth® software and hardware.

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