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Acer® Aspire 5515 Windows® 7 Drivers

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Issues related to installing drivers on Windows® 7 supported Acer® Aspire® 5515

Acer® Aspire® 5515 is widescreen notebook which rates very high on the performance scale. However, as happens in most cases, the notebook alone is not responsible for the system’s performance. Another important factor which affects the performance is the operating software. For Acer® Aspire® 5515, the recommended operating system is Windows® 7, although, you can always run other operating systems on the notebook if you so wish. Another factor which comes in with installing operating software is getting the right drivers. You should install only those drivers on Acer® Aspire® 5515 which would be compatible with your operating system, which in this case is Windows® 7.

While installing drivers on your Windows® 7 supported Acer® Aspire® 5515, you should keep in mind the following things :
  • Downloading drivers
  • Installation guide and troubleshooting
  • Driver update issues

Downloading drivers

The safest method of getting the newest drivers for your Acer® Aspire® 5515 which is running on Windows® 7, is to use the installation CD. The glitch here is that some of the models of Acer® Aspire® 5515 laptops were released before the official launch of Windows® 7. This means that you would not have received the drivers on your installation CD. In such a case, the user will have to download the drivers from the Internet. You will get a list of drivers for Windows® 7 on the website of Acer®, or you can also download drivers from a third party website.

Installation guide and troubleshooting

If you already have drivers on the installation CD, you will not be required to manually install these drivers, the Windows® Installer will set-up these drivers along with Windows® 7. Go to the ‘Control Panel’ and look out for those hardware components which have a yellow exclamation sign beside them. This means the drivers for these hardware have not been installed correctly or they are out of date. Uninstall them completely; restart your laptop which will then ask you for installing the missing components. Be sure not to let the Windows® Installer choose the drivers from the Windows® CD, and point the program to the drivers provided by Acer®. Usually the Graphic and Audio card encounter these problems, but once you have installed the new drivers they should start functioning correctly.

Driver update issues

Don’t think that the work is done once you have all the drivers installed. They might be out of date and this could lead to driver conflicts and computer crashes. Start the Live Windows® Update Manager and instruct it to find suited updates for your Acer® Aspire® 5515 Windows® 7 drivers. Be sure to check for compatibility after you find what you are looking for. If you have an older model of Aspire® 5515, the new drivers, with their increased capacity, might not match with your old system. In this case, you will have stick up with the old drivers, or you can think about a system hardware upgrade.


    i need driver of card reader for Acer Aspire 5515

      Sajeesh Sahadevan

      i need driver of card reader for Acer Aspire 5515
      The drivers for the notebook can be downloaded from Acer’s website. Currently, the driver for the card reader is not available for this model but you can use the driver’s disc that came with it if you are able to locate it.
      In case not, you can contact Acer to get them to ship the disc over. To do so, go to http://www.acer.com/worldwide/selection.html. Select your country, click ‘About Acer’ on the green bar at the bottom and click ‘Contact us’ for the contact information.

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