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Windows® XP drivers in Acer® Aspire 4540

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Guidelines for the installation of Windows XP drivers in the Acer Aspire 4540 computer

Acer Aspire 4540 is a very powerful notebook that has advanced technologies. It is a 14 inch notebook with fairly good battery life. The processor specification of Acer Aspire 4540 is AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core Processor M300. This high technology processor helps the user in faster downloading of files and applications. It has a 320 GB hard disk space. The user can easily store all necessary data on the hard disk. It comes with a number of programs that help in the proper functioning of the computer. It comes with the latest Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 offers better functionality than other versions of Windows. The user can install the Windows XP operating system if all the requirements are met.

The followings are the issues that can occur while installing drivers on Acer Aspire 4540 with Windows XP and tips to fix and prevent such issues:
  • Compatibility
  • Performance issues
  • Security issues


One of the most common issues that could occur while installing a driver for your Windows XP computer is the compatibility problem. Make sure that the driver that you are using is compatible with your system. All the drivers would not be compatible with Windows XP. You need to go to the manufacturer’s website in order to download the correct driver for your system.

Performance issues

One of the other issues that could occur is the problem with system performance. If the driver chosen by you is not correct then after installing that particular driver on your system you might face low system performance. Your system would become slow after installing the incompatible driver. Choose the best driver that matches your system specification in order to increase the system performance.

Security issues

If the path chosen by you to download the driver is not safe, you might get an infected driver. The user might be unaware of it and start installing the driver. After installing the driver, the computer could be affected by the virus. So it is better to choose the secure path for downloading the driver.

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