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Resolve Black Screen of Death error in Acer® laptops

What are the various tips to resolve the black screen of death error in Acer laptop?

Acer laptops are known for its trouble free performance. But at time it can also have some issues. One of them is the black screen of death error, which appears when the laptop boots up. You shall conclude that the problem is not a hardware issue as you can see the login screen. This means that there is a software problem at work in your Acer laptop, and to fix the problem you need to fix the error that is causing the black screen error. The Operating System in Acer laptop might be very sensitive and easy to obtain corrupted registry files, along with lot of freeware on the Internet. Inside the Windows registry you may find all the Windows Operating System’s files and the whole thing that you downloaded. When Windows run a program, it is transmitted straight with the registry in turn to load it. Manually healing black screen is not advantageous and the consequences might be more serious than any other error in your Acer laptop.

Consequences of black screen of death error and tips to fix it in your Acer laptop are given below:
  • Consequences
  • System performance gets affected
  • Tips to fix the error


The error messages appearing in your Acer laptop is a major consequence of the settings malfunction in your notebook. The black screen in the laptop will not only prevent the users to work in their systems, but also make it difficult in booting too. Above all, it may spread thereby getting a ruined application driver. You may have a black screen on Acer laptop with nothing more than a blank, dark desktop. Certain malware frequently cause black screen to emerge while the Windows Operating System boot up. If this error occurs repeatedly, you should find the cause and rectify it. If not, it will lead to permanent shut down of your notebook.

System performance gets affected

After starting your Acer laptop, it may appear normal but after logging on there might be no desktop, task bar, system tray or side bar. As a substitute, you will only have a black screen and a single My Computer Explorer window which will also be minimized later. In this error, only the black screen of the Acer laptop’s desktop will be visible to you and the rest of the programs and files will be missing from the system. It can be confusing and the users generally misuse their time searching for the so-called lost programs. The programs are very much present on the Acer laptop but due to some problems, the system might not be able to find them.

Tips to fix the error

The step that you can carry out is to restart the system. But if the problem still endures, it is worthwhile to utilize registry cleaner software as a final precaution. Such software can be used for deleting all the defective entries from the registry to eradicate the problem of black screen error popping up in your Acer laptop. For this go to ‘Start’ and type “regedit” and do the necessary registry corrections. Take care while you manually solve these issues as you may risk destructing your critical files and programs applications. Another alternative is to run any security software to get rid of the malware in the Acer laptop. Performing a system restore in your Acer laptop can also help you to get out of this issue.

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